A perennial leader, the SoA defines architecture as the integrated pursuit of design creativity, historical perspective, social responsibility, technical expertise, and global environmental leadership. Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs prepare students to be excellent, discipline-defining design thinkers in diverse global contexts.

This world-class architecture education is enhanced by our position within one of the world’s leading research and entrepreneurship institutions, and by the fundamental premise that architectural excellence demands both rigorous training in fundamentals and the development of unique specializations. Students may extend their core knowledge either through concentration in architecture subdisciplines like sustainable design or computational design, or through interdisciplinary interaction with CMU’s other renowned programs—whether the sciences, the humanities, business, or robotics. Though every School of Architecture student graduates with intensive architecture knowledge, no two graduates leave with the same education.

In the twenty-first century, few architecture problems are straightforward. SoA graduates excel in the roles architects have performed for centuries—and in new roles catalyzed by the depth and breadth of their education—to create and execute innovative solutions to a huge range of emerging global challenges.

Undergraduate Degrees

  1. B.Arch (5-year professional degree program)
  2. B.A. (4-year non-professional program)
  3. Minor in Architecture
  4. Minor in Architectural History
  5. Minor in Architectural Representation and Visualization
  6. Minor in Architectural Technology
  7. Minor in Building Science  

Graduate Degrees

  1. Advanced Architectural Design (MAAD
  2. Architecture–Engineering–Construction Management (MSAECM or PhD-AECM)
  3. Building Performance & Diagnostics
  4. (MSBPD or PhD-BPD)
  5. Computational Design (MSCD or PhD-CD)
  6. Emerging Media (EM2)
  7. Sustainable Design (MSSD)
  8. Urban Design (MUD)
  9. Doctorate of Professional Practice (DPP)

The School of Architecture cultivates an intellectual climate embracing the concept of “making” to achieve design excellence.

Visit: soa.cmu.edu

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