When Kristina Straub and Wendy Arons decided to organize a showcase of feminist performance art, they invited artists who influenced them. But they knew it was just as important to build a bridge to a new generation of feminists.

Straub and Arons contacted Hollly Hughes, Deb Margolin and Carmelita Tropicana—three performers with roots in New York City’s vibrant 1980s art scene—and asked them to invite contemporary artists whose work they admire. This is how they brought Erin Markey, Desiree Burch and Becca Blackwell into the fold. The six performance artists—whose work spans comedy, theater and writing on everything from lesbian desire to transgender experience—will appear together for the first time at Drama Queens!, a two-day event hosted by Carnegie Mellon University’s Center fo the Arts in Society (CAS). (Continue reading)