The School of Design is one of the oldest and most highly ranked programs in North America, offering undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees within the context of a full-spectrum university. For decades, the school has been a leader in communication, information, interaction and product design, as well as design research. We believe that design in the 21st century will play a key role in the transition to a sustainable society and place social and environmental concerns at the heart of our curriculum.

Our graduates are sought after and employed by such organizations as Motorola, IDEO, Microsoft, Google and Apple Computer ...and many of our graduates pursue careers in academia and research.


  1. Design Studies
  2. Bachelor of Design
  3. BXA Interdisciplinary 
  4. Minor in Design


  1. Master of Design
  2. Master of Professional Studies
  3. Master of Arts in Design
  4. Master of Integrated Innovation


  1. Professional Doctorate
  2. Ph.D. in Design


The School of Design emphasizes learning by doing, balances theory with practice, and encourages students to become catalysts for positive social and environmental change.

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