(August 2014: Pictured -- Corey (left) and Casey Cott)

Three days out from ending his role as Jack Kelly in Broadway’s “Newsies,” School of Drama alumnus Corey Cott (A’12) had one thing on his mind this week:  Get to Pittsburgh to support his younger brother, Casey, as the latter performed in “Parade” at the New Hazlett Theater. While in town, he stopped back at his old stomping ground in the Purnell Center to talk with students in Professor Don Wadsworth’s “Business of Acting” class. 

“It’s been a busy time,” he said of the brief period since the Disney musical ended its run. “I asked my agent and my promotions people not to bother me – no phone calls, no emails – but they actually called me about two auditions this week, and you don’t want to turn those opportunities down.” 

Corey secured the Jack Kelly alternate role as a new CMU grad in spring 2012 and moved to New York City. He learned in September that he would take over the lead, and just a couple months later, he was married. He admits it was a lot of change in a short amount of time, so he welcomes the hiatus from his starring role. Being able to detour through Pittsburgh and see his brother was a perk during his break. 

Casey, who is beginning his junior year, said he was happy to have his big brother there for his performance on Aug. 28. He said he welcomes Corey’s professional advice, and the two said that this is a time in their lives when they truly enjoy each other’s company. There is no professional competition between the two, who are two-and-a-half years apart. 

“We’ve always been two brothers, and now we’re just two actors comparing notes,” Casey said. “He’s pretty direct with me when it comes to criticism and advice, and I appreciate that.” 

“Family is the most important thing to me, and no role will ever interfere with that,” Corey added. “This could all go away, and you still have your family. That’s what matters.” 

Together, they will have some family down time at Thanksgiving, when they and their sister will head south to their parents’ new home in Florida.  For now, Casey will continue his studies in professional acting, and Corey is looking forward to enjoying some free time with his wife in between auditions.